Transplant 2020

Transplant 2020 is a coalition of patient groups, clinical organisations and industry, dedicated to raising the rate of consent to organ donation in the UK to 80% in line with NHS Blood and Transplant’s national strategy Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020.

Transplant 2020 was originally established in 2009 (as Transplant 2013) to represent the combined voice of the organ donation and transplantation community, and to support the implementation of the recommendations of the Organ Donation Taskforce.

Since 2008, there has been a 63% increase in deceased organ donation across the UK and a 47% increase in the number of transplants taking place. Despite this significant progress, however, there remains a shortage of donated organs in the UK. There are currently 7,000 people waiting for an organ transplant, and every day 3 people will die on the waiting list or become too ill to receive a transplant.

The low rate of consent to organ donation remains a key challenge facing the transplant community, with 41% of families refusing to allow their loved one’s organs to be donated after death in 2013/14.

A new UK-wide strategy, Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020, was launched in July 2013. The “single most important objective” of the Strategy is to promote an increase in consent to organ donation, setting a target consent rate of 80% by 2020. This could result in an extra 1,200 life-saving and life-changing transplants taking place every year, but can only be achieved through a revolution in societal attitudes towards organ donation and transplantation.

Transplant 2020 believes that taking action to increase the rate of consent for organ donation is the most effective way to increase the number of organ transplants, and that increasing the consent rate to 80% by 2020 is achievable within the existing legal and regulatory framework. We aim to support this by:

  • Promoting leadership and knowledge of organ donation and transplantation in Parliament and other political institutions;
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration within the transplant community;
  • Working with parliamentarians and officials to maintain a high political profile for organ donation and transplantation, and hold the Government to account for its progress in increasing the consent rate across the UK.

The members of Transplant 2020 are the British Liver Trust, the British Society for Immunology, the British Transplantation Society, the Children’s Heart Federation, the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, the Donor Family Network, Donors Save Lives, Give A Kidney, Heart Transplant UK, the Hepatitis C Trust, ilive igive, the International Transplant Nurses Society, Novartis, the PKD Charity, the South Asian Health Foundation, and the St James Liver Transplant Support Group.