The British Transplantation Society

The BTS is the professional voice of transplantation in the UK and the only Society that is for all professionals involved in transplantation in the UK. The BTS is increasingly involved in national policy making; being approached by the print and broadcast media for comment on all issues relating to organ donation and transplantation; as well as developing the scientific, clinical and ethical practice. We feel it important that all members of the transplant community are also members of the Society.

The British Transplantation Society was formed in 1972 and membership is open to all professionals working in the field of transplantation. The membership is multi-disciplinary and includes clinicians from a wide range of specialties, basic scientists, scientists working in Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics, nurses and donor coordinators.


The aim of the Society is to advance the study of the biological and clinical problems of tissue and organ transplantation, to facilitate contact between persons interested in transplantation, and to make new knowledge available to any person for the general good of the community. The Society may also concern itself with the social implications of transplantation.


The vision of the BTS is to be the national professional voice of transplantation, representing all the disciplines of the transplantation community and developing scientific, clinical and ethical practice for the benefit of patients. This vision is supported by four strategic objectives:

  1. To influence personal and political opinion and operational strategy regarding transplantation issues
  2. To promote professional standards and ethics across the multi-disciplinary transplantation community
  3. To contribute to the development of transplantation, and integral associated services
  4. To support scientific and clinical research relevant to the practice of transplantation

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